Teachings on Shabbat HaGadol – The Shabbat before Pesach

Rav Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz teaches that HaShem jumped over our faults and compassionately redeemed us from slavery despite our lowly spiritual status.  An important lesson to derive is that we too should not let our faults get in the way of our coming closer to HaShem.  We too must have compassion on our souls and jump towards HaShem.  We too must have compassion upon one another and see the good in each other as well as in ourselves.  We too must jump toward one another with love.
May you journey to freedom be real, be new, be redemptive, and be whatever you have the holy chuzpah to dream it can be.

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Do not stop dreaming. Encourage your visions and believe in them. Cherish your visions and believe in them. This thing in us that aspires, that bids us to look up, that beckons us higher, is God-given. Aspiration is the hand that points us to the road that runs heavenward. As your vision is, so will your life be. Your better dream is the prophecy of what your life may be, ought to be.
The great thing is to try to fashion life after the pattern shown to us in the moment of our highest inspiration; to make our highest moment permanent.
Orison Swett Marden from He Can Who Thinks He Can

dare to be the person you were meant to be.”   joana alice