Chanukah Meditations

Chanukah Meditations:

G-d’s lamp is the person’s soul.  Proverbs 20, 27   –   נר ה’ נשמת אדם – משלי כ,כז

“Without miracles, we might come to believe that the laws of physics define reality.  Once we witness the inexplicable, we see that there is a higher reality.  And then we look back at physics and say, “This too is a miracle.”

The miracle of a small flask of oil burning for eight days was this sort of miracle.
Then there are those small miracles that occur everyday.  Those acts of synchronicity we call “coincidence,” because in them G-d prefers to remain anonymous.  But when we open our eyes and hearts, we see there is truly no place void of this wondrous, unlimited G-d.  These were the sort of miracles the Maccabees saw in their battles against the mighthy Greek army.”  Based on letters and talks of the Lubatvitcher Rebbe.  With permission from

“The miracle of Chanukah teaches us that there is a light deep inside of us that cannot be extingusished.  It is HaShem’s light.”  Rav Sholom Brodt, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshvat Simchat Shlomo.

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In Getting To Know You Beit  we will continue to explore the teachings of R. Kalonymus Kalmish Shapira, the Piaseczner Rebbe, the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto. Looking at both his pre-war and wartime works we will examine what he thinks it means to be a Jew and a human being.  This next group of classes will focus on his understanding of the divine nature of our body, the physical world, and our spirit, how we awaken to that divine nature within us, and how we can integrate these components & expressions of the Jewish experience into one whole healthy being.

Getting To Know You Beit will meet for 12 classes.  The dates are  05 JAN – 23 MAR,  Monday evenings, 8:00pm West Coast time & 11:00pm East Coast time.  In Israel the dates are 06 JAN –  24 MARTuesday mornings, 6:00am.

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Toda v’Chanukah Sameach!






Teachings on Parshat Miketz & Chanukah

Blessings, so many brachot, for a bright, shining, illuminating Chanukah Sameach.
May HaShem bring each of you to experience the miracle of discovering the vile of pure olive oil untouched by any foreign influence within yourselves.  May you take that ohr ganuz, concealed light, and me’galeh, reveal it outward from the private domain to the public domain, pushing away all the thick darkness in the world.  Be true to yourselves always – Chanukah means no disguises as we show our real faces to each other.
Remember, chevra, “A little light banishes much darkness.”

The PDF text - Jewish Soul Food Beit6

My Story – 40 Years in the Wilderness

My story is not simply a tale of personal triumph over inner demons.  Rather, I am telling my story in order to, with the help of God, inspire and help others who are mired in obstacles — people for whom achieving a life of authenticity, genuineness, and wholeness feels impossible.  I, like many individuals, was paralyzed by fear, shame, and low self-esteem for most of my life.  Like me, these individuals find themselves unable to make the leap of faith they need to honor their own inner truth.  Many people, deep inside, yearn to somehow catapult past their personal demons, the forces strangling, suffocating, and wringing the life out of them.  My demons were gender identity confusion and the passionate desire to live a spiritual life within the Jewish tradition that conflicted with it.

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