Teachings on Pesach

“We never got used to Egypt.  We never felt we belonged there.  We never said, ‘They are the masters and we are the slaves and that’s the way it is.’  So when Moses came and told us we were going to leave, we believed him.  Everyone has their Egypt.  You’ve got to know who you are and what are your limitations.  But Heaven forbid to make peace with them.  The soul within you knows no limits.”   Based on letters and talks of the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  With permission from www.chabad.org
“What is characteristic of freedom is the exalted spirit whereby a person or a people is able to be faithful to its inner essence, to the image of G-d in its midst.  This fidelity allows one to feel that one’s life is purposeful and worthwhile.”  Rabbi Avraham Isaac Hakohen Kook, Haggadah Shel Pesach im Perushei ha-RAYaH, pp.283-284.  From The Rav Kook Hagadah – Springtime of the World by Bezalel Naor.

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Yiscah’s 40-year memoir details her joys and struggles with her own spirituality, gender identity, and commitment to living true to herself. The story she tells is one of a man, facing his truth, embracing the woman she was always meant to be, and returning to her faith with wholeness and authenticity. Her story must be told. It is important for everyone to hear and will hopefully inspire and empower many others who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles to wholeness in their lives.

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Do not stop dreaming. Encourage your visions and believe in them. Cherish your visions and believe in them. This thing in us that aspires, that bids us to look up, that beckons us higher, is God-given. Aspiration is the hand that points us to the road that runs heavenward. As your vision is, so will your life be. Your better dream is the prophecy of what your life may be, ought to be.
The great thing is to try to fashion life after the pattern shown to us in the moment of our highest inspiration; to make our highest moment permanent.
Orison Swett Marden from He Can Who Thinks He Can

dare to be the person you were meant to be.”   joana alice